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Sometimes editors can be guilty of getting hung up on terminology when it comes to fiction editing. Different editors might mean different things by proofreading, copy-editing, and line-editing. That’s why I’ve made sure to detail exactly what each level of fiction editing involves so you can pick the right one for you. You can see the various options below.

I do my best work when I’m free to focus on sentence- and word-level concerns. That means that before you approach me to edit your novel, it’s best that you’re happy with the bigger issues of your story – that is, things like point of view, plot, pacing, and structure. Obviously, if I spot problems with these as I’m doing my edit, I’ll point them out, but my attention will be focused elsewhere so I won’t be able to do those larger issues justice. If you think you need some help with putting together your story elements, get in touch and I can point you in the direction of some really good fiction developmental editors who can help you out.

If you are happy with the overall shape of your manuscript and require polishing of the actual text, then I just might be the right editor for you!

In addition to all the goodies detailed below, each package also comes with resource packs on self-publishing fiction and assistance from me on the whole self-publishing process. Among other things, I can advise on formatting, marketing, cover design, and publishing platforms.  I’ll also publicise your book on my own social media channels and website when it is released. Plus I’m always around if you just want a chat (I particularly like being sent dog pictures).

Want to know more about my fiction editing services?

The Error-nuke

If you’ve already had your work edited and proofread but are keen to mop up any lingering mistakes, the Error-nuke can help to blitz any remaining typos and grammatical errors.

For a flat fee, I will read through your book in whatever format you have it in – Word, PDF, ebook, etc. During my readthrough, any errors I find will be highlighted at the cost of £1 per error. Unless asked otherwise, I will note typos, homophones, incorrect punctuation, incorrect hyphenation, and formatting issues. The cleaner your document, the cheaper this package will be.

You can put a limit on the number of errors spotted and I will get back in touch if I reach it and ask how you want to proceed. If you then decide to go for the full Proofreading Package, you will receive a discount.

My reading fee is £1.50 per 1,000 words and a further £1 per error noted.

Proofreading Package

This package is ideal if you’ve already had your work edited previously or if you are extremely confident in the standard of your writing.

It includes one pass of the document and consists of:

  • Checking for and correcting mistakes in spelling and grammar
  • Correcting punctuation
  • Highlighting incorrect words and suggesting alternatives
  • Checking for formatting problems and/or putting Word document into proper format for typesetting/submission to agents
  • Ensuring consistency in spelling/hyphenation/capitalisation, etc.
  • Ensuring chapters are numbered and formatted correctly
  • A style sheet recording editorial decisions

An additional pass can be added for a discounted fee. I can work on Word files or on a typeset PDF proof or ebook file.

Price starts at £8 per 1,000 words

Copy-editing Package

If you’re fairly confident in your stylistic ability, then the copy-editing package will focus on the five Cs – clarity, consistency, conciseness,  comprehension, and correctness. It involves one pass of the document and takes in all of the checks in the standard proofreading package and additionally consists of:

  • Smoothing awkward sentences and ensuring your sentences flow naturally. This may take the form of limited rewriting/recasting of sentences or of comments in the margin with suggestions
  • Ensuring consistency in character traits and story timelines (no changing eye colours or children at school on Sundays!)
  • Dealing with overuse of crutch words and phrases
  • Ensuring clarity and excellent readability for your targeted audience
  • Basic fact-checking of names, places, etc.

An additional pass can be added for a discounted fee. I can work on a Word file or, if you do not have Word, I can work in Pages and Open Office.

Price starts at £11 per 1,000 words

Line-editing Package

This is for authors who want the whole package. Line-editing lets me get a bit more hands-on with the text and is almost like having a mini writing coach (I am quite small, after all).

The line-editing package includes one pass of the document and takes in all the checks in the standard proofreading and copy-editing packages and additionally consists of:

  • Suggestions for improving text on a stylistic and creative level, such as flagging areas with too much telling, where point of view is unclear, where imagery could be strengthened, etc.
  • Limited rewriting of sections to improve them stylistically, where possible; otherwise, comments in margins to suggest or flag areas where your writing could be improved
  • Careful attention paid to dialogue to ensure character interactions sound natural
  •  A short editorial report pointing out any issues I feel would benefit from being looked at more closely, including characterisation, plot, pacing, etc. Please note that I recommend you are entirely happy with your story on a foundation level before you seek an edit.
  • List of resources such as articles and books curated specifically for your needs

Price starts at £13 per 1,000 words


If you want me to spot-check changes you have made following an edit, I can do this for £27 per hour.

It’s amazing the magic a copy-edit brings to a manuscript! Self-publishing author


Sniffing out mistakes

Hunting down those pesky errors and nuking them off the face of your manuscript

Packaging it all up nicely

Making sure your work is formatted neatly and correctly for the next stage of your journey

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