Line/copy-editing for non-fiction

Ensuring accuracy and flow

Ensuring accuracy

Making sure mistakes don’t detract from your message

Getting the right tone

Ensuring your work hits the right note for your audience

For non-fiction work, I offer line- and copy-editing, depending on what level of editing your work needs.

I focus on ensuring utmost accuracy and clarity while also retaining the author’s individual voice. I am skilled in working with a variety of manuscripts, including articles, books, websites, presentations, manuals, magazines, and newspapers. I have specialist knowledge in the fields of media (particularly newspapers and magazines), technology (particularly relating to gaming and entertainment), literature, gaming (particularly MMOs and PC gaming), entertainment (particularly modern TV, music, and film), history (particularly WWII and the Tudor period), pets (particularly cats and dogs), memoirs, Scottish culture (particularly relating to north-east Scotland and the Highlands), music (I can read music), and crime (particularly Scottish law enforcement). I also have experience in working on marketing materials.

I will ensure your work is suited to your audience, free from mistakes, accurate, clear, concise, and readable. I can get right into the text and make substantive changes if required, or I can focus on a light polish and clean-up before publication.


Price dependent on level of editing and type of material

It’s amazing the magic a copy-edit brings to a manuscript!

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