Fiction add-ons

Blurbs, synopses, and query letter edits

Whether you want to hook in a reader browsing Amazon or pique the interest of an agent or publisher, it’s vital your blurb, synopsis, and query letter are as good as they can be. As a fiction editor as well as a former PR specialist and journalist, I know how to hook a reader or agent.

Blurbs are a very different art to story-writing, and a lot of authors struggle with them. If you are one of them, I can either edit what you have provided or write one from scratch based on a story synopsis you provide.

I can also help you refine your synopsis by editing one you have written or taking information about your story and helping to boil it down into something more concise.

I can also edit your query letter to make sure it hits the right spot, as well as being free from mistakes.



From £50 for a blurb edit. Price for synopsis and query letters dependent on work required.

Sell yourself

Hook your reader instantly

Maximise your chances

Tip the scale in your favour with an expertly edited package