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Because we’re better when we support each other

This page collects some of the resources I have created (and often use in my own editing work). I make them freely available for other editors to download and use as they wish. All I ask in return is that you include my name and a link to my website if sharing them elsewhere. This is still a page in progress, so check back regularly for more resources and helpful templates, etc.

Time sheet template

This spreadsheet helps you keep track of your words per hour speed and rate as well as your hourly rate and time taken per project

Microsoft Word styles tutorial

Learn how to create, modify and apply styles to Word documents

Image of PDF

Guide to KDP and Createspace

This guide shows the uploading process for Kindle e-books and Createspace Print on Demand books

Quote calculator

This calculator allows you to input your per-1,000-word rate and manuscript length and then calculates overall cost, per-word cost and hourly rate for various editing speeds