Terms and conditions

Because we all need rules once in a while

Below are my methods for carrying out an edit. You can download this and my terms and conditions here.

  • I edit to either New Hart’s Rules (UK clients) or the Chicago Manual of Style (US clients). These style guides are industry standard and used by almost all editors who work with independent authors.
  • Use of punctuation will be according to the aforementioned style guides. If you have any strong preferences about any aspect then please tell me; otherwise, I will edit to industry-standard punctuation rules.
  • I edit the text directly whenever possible as there’s much less risk of errors being introduced later that way. This means I will, in most cases, change words or re-order sentences where necessary as opposed to just highlighting it in a comment bubble and leaving it for you to change yourself. Any larger changes will be flagged up by a comment bubble. You can, of course, choose whether to accept or reject any change.
  • I will edit a manuscript in the version of English it is written. I won’t turn US English into UK English as, aside from this being a lot of work, there are much larger issues to bear in mind when Americanising a novel (and vice versa).
  • I will attach my own template to your work that will ensure industry-standard formatting, including spacing, indentation and proper styles for chapter heads. If you have your own formatting and wish to retain it, please let me know.