The editing process

It's as easy as falling off a log

The editing process can be scary. Trusting your manuscript with someone is bad enough, but receiving it back with the e-equivalent of red pen all over it can be disheartening. Let me run through the process of getting your piece of fiction edited and put your mind at ease.

My eight-step programme to editing success

  • It all starts when you send me that first email. Over the course of a few emails back and forth, we’ll learn a bit about each other and what your needs are.
  • If you get a good feeling and want to know more, then I can perform a free sample edit for you to see how it works. I can’t do a sample for manuscript critiquing as that has a bigger scope than a sample, but I will perform a line and copy-edit so you can get a sense of my style.
  • If you’re happy and I’m happy, we negotiate a price and deadline. At this point, I usually ask for a deposit upfront to secure your slot and get you booked into my calendar.
  • When your slot rolls around, send me your manuscript in a Word document. Don’t worry about formatting or anything like that – for a line and copy-edit, I will fix that. You can send me it a few days early if you like, but I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to start it sooner than planned.
  • I commence my edit. Feel free to send me an email or two during this process to see how I’m getting on. You might hear from me, too, if there’s anything I need to ask.
  • You will receive the files back on or before the deadline day. The documents you will receive change depending on what package you have chosen. There is more information on my terms and conditions page. You’ll receive your invoice, too, which needs to be paid within 30 days.
  • You can raise any questions with me after you receive your edit, and I allow one free round of checking any changes you make in response to my feedback (this doesn’t include adding scenes or chapters)
  • You let me know when your book goes live, and I’ll add it to my portfolio and promote it on my social media accounts.


My comments are intended to give you confidence and help you as a writer. And they aren’t all about pointing out improvements – I like to point out what you’ve done well, too.

Hassle free

Getting your work edited should be exciting, not stressful. My editing process is straightforward and easy to understand


I’ll get your work back to you as soon as I can and ready for you to embark on the next step of your publishing journey